K9 Turf Artificial Grass Leeds

K9 Turf Artificial Grass

How Clean is the K9 Turf Artificial Grass?

People who have dogs often complain about the destruction they can cause around the house. Dogs have certain instincts that are hard to eliminate. Health dogs will scratch and dig on surfaces. Some dogs also play quite wildly, which is adorable but you won’t be able to maintain nice-looking interiors and exteriors.

For example, if you have a lawn in your yard and you let your dog out regularly, then it won’t be well-maintained for long. Dogs can leave behind organic waste and dig up the grass. Constant dogging of one area can cause the grass to thin and ultimately stop growing. The organic waste can create odors that can intensify when the area becomes wet during watering the grass and plants or the rainy season.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. With the K9 Turf’s artificial grass Leeds, you can keep your dogs and maintain a lush garden. You might worry that the artificial grass will only cause more hygiene and odor related problems but that is not an issue at all.

Hygienic and Odor-killing Features of the K9 Turf

The K9 Turf’s artificial grass Leeds has a 4-phase system that ensures that all the organic waste and unwanted liquids are drained effectively. It also has additional elements that keep the odor completely out.

At the very base of the turf is the foundation of rock and grano. Unlike sand, it streamlines the drainage. Nothing will become accumulated as it makes an effective pathway for all the waste and liquids to pass through. Next is the urethane backing that is made of 4 layers. There are 2 dense gauge woven layers, 1 layer of 5-pick and another of urethane compound coating. These layers further strengthen the drainage system as well as prevent the growth of weed. They will also keep out the odor caused by dog urine.

The K9 Turf is made more effective against pet odors and waste by adding the Zeolite infill and enzyme cleaner. The infill is manufactured using 100 per cent natural ingredients and spread all across the turf. It not only prevents the urine from getting absorbed in the grass but eliminates the ammonia too. This can develop due to the crystallization of the urine over time. But the infill will keep any toxic ammonia pockets from developing. In addition to the infill, there is the enzyme cleaner. This penetrates into the turf and removes the unwanted liquids and waste. You will never have to endure the foul smells that can occur due to the buildup of waste.

The entire system comes together to provide a comprehensive solution for keeping a clean, hygienic, and lush-looking lawn in your yard. Your pet won’t be able to destroy it and you can let them play freely. This way both you and the pet will finally enjoy the time outdoors.

If you are tired of regularly investing efforts to keep a healthier lawn while having dogs, try the artificial grass Leeds from the K9 Turf.

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