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ProFlow K9 Turf
ProFlow K9 Turf
4-phase install system
4-phase install system

How Does the K9 Turf Work?

If you have dogs at your home, then you have to deal with certain nuances. They can be rowdy at times; destroying your curtains, upholstery, carpets, and more. Similarly, they can make a chaos in your yard; playing wildly in the lawns. Their digging can cause the grass to thin and ultimately not grow back. This will lead to bald patches in the lawn that you invested so much effort into.

Despite all this, you will always love your dogs. This is why you must be looking for solutions that can prevent this regular destruction. While there are methods to keep your interiors protected against dog activities, we definitely have a solution for the outdoors. All you need is to install artificial grass Leeds. The K9 Turf has been specifically designed for dogs. This is how you can maintain peace; love your garden and dogs equally.

What is the K9 Turf?

The K9 Turf is artificial grass Leeds with an effective 4-phase system. It is an end-to-end landscaping solution that offers the best possible results if you live with dogs. Whether it is the organic waste and odor you are troubled about or you want to keep a smooth and lush-looking lawn in your yard, the K9 Turf is your best option.

Working of the K9 Turf

The K9 Turf is installed in 4 phases. Each phase has its own benefit. The layers then come together to provide a comprehensive solution to your dog and lawn problems. Here is how the K9 Turf is installed and how it works:

·         In the first phase, the base work is laid down. It is ensured that the garden is prepared and free of debris. Around the edges, plastic batten of 2 x 2 inches is installed. This will hold the turf in place. Next, rock and grano are spread across the area in crushed form. This forms the base of the system. It will allow the waste and liquids to drain away unlike sand foundations

·         After the base has been prepared, 4 layers are installed. These are layers of the urethane backing. There are 2 dense gauge woven layers; followed by a 5-pick later and a urethane compound coating. This backing will strengthen the drainage and prevents the growth of weed. Additionally, it kills the odor of the waste materials

·         The Zeolite infill has been specially designed. It is spread across the laid down turf. It contains 100 per cent natural ingredients. Preventing the urine from getting absorbed into the grass, it keeps the turf odor-free. It will also keep the ammonia out that may form due to the crystallization of urine over time

·         In the end, a highly effective enzyme cleaner is spread acro

ss the lawn. It will keep the turf quite clean so the pets and you can enjoy a healthy environment while outdoors

If you want to try something unique that helps keep a healthy and clean lawn despite having active dogs around the house, the artificial grass Leeds from K9 Turf is your solution.

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